Drink Better Dog Bowl - Frosty White

Let your dog “Live Healthier” with Eat Better and Drink Better Bowls

Aids in slowing down your dogs drinking, less water all over the floor and prevents that discomfort your dog feels after gulping water (can help prevent your dog from regurgitating water) A far healthier alternative, by encouraging a healthier drinking habit.

Your dog is going to love these bowls! They are so good looking and amazingly practical. Their ergonomic design gives the product all rounded edges so not only great to look at but nice and safe for your pet.

They are made from Food Grade High quality K Resin, making them safe to drink from and easy to clean. They are also “non slip” and extremely durable.

The unique floater features a small wishbone design opening in the centre to allow water to flow out in small amounts. This helps your dog drink at a more comfortable pace and prevent his/her muzzle and ears from getting wet excessively.

Reasons to use a “Drink Better” Dog Bowl

Ideal for

  1. dogs that vomit after gulping water
  2. dogs that are always getting their ears wet whilst drinking
  3. for dog owners that just want to keep the floors cleaner and dryer!

Available in great frosty colours

Candy Pink, Jazzy Blue, Frosty White

Free Size. Suits All Breeds

As a guide, fill less water in the floater for small to medium size breed. NEVER fully fill the floater with water

Diameter: 22cm (8.5")
Height: 7.5cm (3")

Suitable for all dog breeds (except very large!)