Puppy Care

A collection of products to welcome home that very special puppy, as puppies require gentle care so our Puppy Care collection has been selected with exacly that in mind.

There is no doubt that bringing home a new puppy can be a life changing experience. Although puppies can be a lot of work, they also will bring love, laughter and happiness into your world.

Your new puppy will need certain items from the very start. Some are essential for your pup’s well-being, while others are quite helpful. Most important items include a leash and collar with identification, food and water bowls, and chew toys. You should also get a nice dog bed and, preferably, a crate or kennel. Some if these items can last as your puppy ages, but bear in mind that most of them will need to be replaced when your puppy grows. Collars may be adjustable to a certain point. A kennel can be purchased in a larger size for the future, but should be blocked off with boxes or other objects to make it the right size for the puppy. Be prepared for the expenses associated with dog ownership so you can budget accordingly.

Here at “Love a Dog” the well being of your puppy is our priority!

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