Bark Control

Dogs bark for many reasons, but when they bark too much, or for the wrong reasons, it’s time to turn to a Bark Control solution.
If your dog is barking excessively, it can cause disruption to the environment or lead to complaints by neighbours.

Thankfully, we can help concerned owners such as yourself, deal effectively with each situation where barking needs to be brought under control.

A wide choice of effective and proven solutions are available from our PetSafe and Innotek range to suit different dogs and different needs.

Whether inside or outside the home – or if necessary both – these offer ways to quickly train the dog to curb its barking, with the owner always in control.

There are different options to choose from which interrupt the unwanted behaviour through a variety of stimulation methods. Very soon your dog will learn the lesson and everyone can enjoy a more peaceful life.

Best of all, we offer you a full “after sales support” service complete with Toll Free number for your Petsafe or Innotek product.

“Working with you, to work with your pet”.

All of our Bark Control products are based upon a negative stimulus to the dog’s bark. Many dogs will respond to a sonic or ultrasonic sound. Others will stop barking from a sudden spray from the collar and almost all dogs reduce their barking as a result of a static pulse being triggered by the bark.

We rate sonic and ultrasonic as a “good” method, spray collars as “better” and static pulse as the “best” solution for changing your pet’s behaviour.


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