Christmas Gift Packs

Hi everyone
as promised with have put together the first of the gift packs for your Fur Babies. These are quality packs, including quality products.

The first of our gift packs include some of our most popular products, from Ezydog and Felipet.
They include an Ezydog Neo Collar and matching lead and a gorgeous Felipet Kaleido Supreme Dog Bowl.
Total retail value of these products are approximately $82.00, so our discounted pack comes to you at just $74.95 plus post (also discounted) at a flat rate of $9.95 regular post (tracking and signature) or Express Post at $12.95.

You will find the packs in our store under Gift Packs!

Or if you have any questions feel free to email me directly on

Don’t delay as there are only 24 sleeps till Christmas! ;-)

Back from my travels!

Hi everyone,
well I am back from my travels to the U.S.A, scouting for new product ideas, and working on some possibilities.

Has taken a little to get back into the groove, but finally got there.
Working hard now preparing for the upcoming festive season, and time for you to start thinking about the Christmas shopping for your beloved Fur babies!

I am working on some Christmas bundles and specials, and this year we are going to introduce Gift Vouchers, should you wish to purchase one for a family member or friend to spend in our store.

Well until next time, take care and remember, “Only 48 sleeps until Christmas!” Yikes!!!!!!

Easy Fix for a Wee Problem

It’s an age old problem, nice green lawn with patches of dead grass from doggie wee. This 100% natural Australian product provides an easy fix! Dog Rocks, placed in your dog’s water bowl actually filter out the impurities in the water such as ammonia, tin and nitrates. Not only will your dog not be drinking these unnecessary impurities, your lawn won’t be killed off by them either. The grass will be greener on your side of the fence once the damaged lawn recovers. Dog Rocks aren’t an expensive solution with our special postage offer, Click Here for more info.

Welcome to my Feedback Page

It’s hard to believe that our Love A Dog online store is about to have its third birthday! My how time has flown.
Three years ago I started providing quality items to a small group of dog lover friends and acquaintances and today our range has extended to over 200 products and thousands of regular customers right around the country. My thanks to you for your continued support. My pledge to you is to continue to provide quality and unique items at affordable prices, great customer service and fast turnaround of your order. I am constantly sourcing new products and will be going to the USA next month to do just that. If you can’t find what you need, email me at and I will certainly try to source it for you.

Soft and Gentle Bark Control

Is nuisance barking causing you problems? We love this great new solution from PetSafe which safely promotes good behaviour in your dog, via a vibrating collar. The secret of the VBC-10 Bark Control Collar is PetSafe’s patented Perfect Bark TM detection which ensures the only sound that stimulates the vibration is your dog’s bark. The collar containing lightweight electronics is adjustable up to 71 cm and is durable and waterproof. The VBC-10 Bark Control Collar comes with full instructions and a 3 year warranty. And as we are authorised PetSafe resellers, you can be assured your collar is properly covered with a 3 year Australian warranty.
Bentley gets very excited about most products but on this one, he has been unusually quiet. Click Here for more information and our great price!

Coats for all Occasions

Perfect protection for pooches that love to venture out no matter what the weather. Our Weatherbeeta Landa range offers rugged protection for outdoor activity, waterproofing for rainy days and fleecy lining for when the temperature drops so your best mate isn’t left out in the cold. Click Here to score a quality Landa coat or jacket at a 10% discount while stocks last.

Drug Free Remedy for Dog Anxiety

These days we are all looking for natural remedies and solutions. The Thundershirt has proved to be one of those breakthrough products for putting an end to separation and noise anxiety in dogs. Thunderstorms, fireworks or any other loud noises your dog does not like. Most owners see an immediate improvement in behaviour, others will require their pet to wear it several times before the calming effect is obvious. Click Here to check our special “pre storm season” pricing.

Hi Love a Dog,
Hamish is a 22 month old Border Collie. He’s a good, well trained dog but the trailbikes, garbage truck, noisy cars and birds get him barking and then he just can’t stop !
It was driving me mad and we had a few comments from neighbours. It was a problem I wanted to nip in the bud.

We heard about the Thundershirt on a radio vet pet show and I thought it might be worth a try.
When we received it in the mail I put it straight on him. He was very comfortable in it and he just relaxed. He was so calm that he was allowed inside, he just lay on the mat and snoozed……..amazing.

Last night we had visitors, although he greeted them he didn’t jump all over them as usually would. He was content to doze on the mat. They ended up asking if Hamish was unwell !
Its lovely to see him so content and relaxed.

I’ll be recommending the Thundershirt to everyone I meet but I think Hamish will sell it just by being the beautiful dog he is
All the best, Terese_

Fresh Drinking Water- Easy!

The summer season is almost here and a constant supply of clean water is essential for a healthy, hydrated pet. Our best solution is the Drinkwell Pet Drinking Fountain. Designed by a Vet, it delivers a steady stream of clean, filtered water for your cat or dog even when you are not home. The sound of trickling water from Bentleys Drinkwell seems to encourage him to drink.
Click Here to look at the three different models in our Products section and take advantage of our Free Registered Post offer

From the "Great Ideas" Department

We love this! A comfy new bed created from your own old clothing stuffed into an attractive Molly Mutt dog duvet. Recycle bed linen, t-shirts, old winter wear into your choice of colourful cover from our range and your favourite pooch will be fashionable and comfortable. So simple and sensible, Click Here for range and pricing

What's Bentley Up To?

Bentley’s life changed enormously when he came to us from the Animal Welfare League over two years ago. He loves to be involved and his special talent for testing products means most of his day is spent in the new products section of the warehouse. Modelling, test fitting, playing with new toys fills his day and he helps us ensure that everything we offer comes with his Paw of Approval for comfort, function and reliability. This is his recent “glam” picture